One Of a Kind Fiber Art
Kathy Jo Solomon
Doll Catalog

Rafiki Doll

Fabrics from India and Africa combine to create a wonderful soft-sculpture. Made to endure handling this doll is enhanced by the braided mohair wig.

Red head doll

Dress-up doll with three-piece outfit.


Lavendar Fairy Doll

Fairy doll with hand-dyed wool knit cape.


Dress-up doll

All natural fiber doll with three-piece outfit.


Purple Fairy Doll

Fairy with embroidered wool cape.


Dress-up boy doll

Includes a handwoven merino and silk scarf.


Dress-up Doll

Doll with sheepskin trimmed wool coat.


Purple Fairy Doll

Doll with four-piece outfit.


Purple Fairy Doll


Small Fairy Sprites


Medium Fairy Sprite


Woodland Sprite

Doll with four-piece outfit.